Rivers & Rain Flooding | Lowestoft | Suffolk

Rivers & Rain Flooding

In deciding the best ways in which we should manage river (fluvial) and surface water (pluvial) flood risk in Lowestoft now and in the future, we have assessed a long list of options. Details of the options are explained in the Flood Risk Strategy Summary document here (2016).

Velda Close Flood Defence Scheme

Properties in Velda Close and Aldwyck Way were at very significant risk of flooding, there is a long history of events that resulted in internal flooding of houses. The two most serious occurred in 2015 and 2019 when 20+ homes flooded up to 600mm deep. Construction of a new floodwall and pumping station was completed in summer 2021 which will significantly reduce the risk of flooding occurring in the future.

The main source of flooding was from the Kirkley Stream that drains surface water from much of this area of Lowestoft, the new sheet-piled floodwall has effectively raised the banks to reduce the risk of water overtopping. In order to ensure the existing surface water systems can continue to drain into the stream even during storm events a pumping station has been constructed behind the wall and a new outfall placed on the bank. Anglian Water will adopt and maintain the pump station and Suffolk County Council will maintain the flood wall.

Property Level Resilience

Where properties were identified as being a risk from surface water flooding but could not be protected by a community defence such as the one alongside Kirkley Stream, they have been offered Property Level Resilience measures by the project. The measures include flood doors, non-return valves in external pipe work and self-sealing airbrick covers, designed to reduce the risk of water being able to enter the property. The systems we have prioritised are those that work without active intervention by the homeowner, i.e. the flood doors are watertight when closed normally (no need to fit an additional barrier or tighten brackets). This means the homes are resilient to a flood that may occur with warning or if residents are away at the time. The construction of the Property Level Resilience measures is complete and has been installed in 123 homes. 

Rivers & Rain Flooding | Lowestoft | Suffolk