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What Is Involved

In July 2020 the project was awarded £43m from the Government as part of the Green Recovery fund. This, added to funding from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, Flood Defence Grant in Aid, Local Levy contributions, funding from the Department of Education and contributions from Suffolk County Council and East Suffolk Council means that the project is able to move to construction. 

Construction on the tidal floodwalls officially began in May 2021 and are due to be completed in Spring 2023.

Construction of a pumping station and sheet pile flood wall has been completed on the Kirkley stream to provide properties on Velda Close with protection from river flooding. Property Level Resilience works have been completed on 123 houses to protect them from flooding from extreme rainfall.

The tidal barrier requires a Transport Works Act Order (TWAO). This is granted by the Secretary of State and is needed when construction can change or affect navigation. A TWAO can take up to two years to be approved but we are working with our partners and stakeholders to make sure that we address concerns as early as possible.

To complete this work and to enable us to go ahead with the project we will of course need to work closely with local communities, businesses and organisations. Public consultations will be held at various points during the project. There will be opportunities for people to get involved or to be kept informed about how things are progressing.

Details of forthcoming consultations can be found here.
Frequently asked questions and answers about the project can be found here.

 Lowestoft Flood Risk Management Project | What Is Involved?